2012 European Olympic Qualification Tournament – Fan Site


Welcome to the Fan Site of 2012 European Olympic Qualification Tournament. The tournament was held in Luxemburg at the beautiful venue of d’Coque, National Sports & Culture Centre, with participants from over 25 countries. A total of 11 men and 11 women’s places were available for the London Olympics. The first stage of group matches took place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th April 2012. Players were in 16 groups of 3, 4 or 5 players and players finishing in first and second places in each group progressed to the second stage, whilst those in the remaining places were eliminated. At the second stage there was direct elimination games which led to the qualifiers.

The whole competition was intense with lot of memorable moment and some excellent games to be seen. Lets hope that Europe will have their medals in the upcomming Olimpics.

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The most basic equipment to enjoy the game is of course, none other than the gloves. What gloves is and its use is not new to those who are already expert in football game. But to many novice football players, they should know that youth football gloves are an essential tube in soccer that allows a player to keep out the goals from enemies.

Hosting the first International Football Tournament is a great honor.